With love, we follow Spelt through every stage of its growth, from sowing to harvest,
offering those who choose us delicious and genuine products!

Our company was born and grows, upholding the rural roots from which we come, right from the heart of the Apennines, where we produce our beloved Spelt: an ancient, rich, and resilient grain.



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From a small harvest, a grand story.

Do you know how a story starts? With a dream, that of a farmer, to elevate a region, reviving the heart of the Apennines through a sustainable chain of over 300 farms. The need to strike a balance between environmental respect and food safety has always been a fundamental value for us, receiving our time, energy, and investment. Thus, our commitment is always towards creating positive change, collaborating with passion and transparency, producing simple and tasty foods with the smallest possible environmental impact, preserving agriculture in the marginal areas of our country.


An Ancient and Sustainable Grain

Spelt, the oldest cereal in human history, is truly extraordinary: rich in fibre and micronutrients, and with its protein content and unique gluten fragility, it is a nutritious and highly digestible food. We protect the land by promoting sustainable agricultural activities, following natural biological rhythms; working with local farmers, supporting them until the harvest, fully respecting their crucial role.

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