Nature is our primary resource

Creating a balance between environmental respect and food safety is integral to our heritage and a core value. In light of the growing population and increasing food demand, our commitment to sustainable agriculture is more vital than ever. Our objective is to produce simple, tasty foods with minimal environmental impact, preserving agriculture in our country’s marginal areas.

Our goal is to produce
simple and tasty foods
with the least environmental impact possible,
preserving agriculture
in the marginal areas of our country.

Valorization of marginal areas

The progressive depopulation of high hill and mountain regions in our peninsula in favour of more agriculturally-viable plains has led to the degradation of these areas over the years. Hence, our dream is to revitalize our territory and the heart of the Apennines through a sustainable supply chain of over 300 farms and farmers. Our entire community shares this goal of creating positive change, working together with farmers to safeguard the land and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

Certification of energy from renewable sources.

At our main site in Firenzuola, we’ve installed a photovoltaic system sized to power our production machinery with the energy produced. For the energy not covered by the panels, we use 100% renewable and certified sources.


Our steadfast commitment to organic agriculture is reflected in numerous important certifications we’ve achieved over the years:

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